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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


To the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" - go on, you know you want to...............

Rolling Rock Uphill

There's a big, big store called Tesco that less are going to see,
No one is more turned off than a customer like me
Tesco seemed to care less ‘bout service with a smile
So I took my custom elsewhere ‘cos I didn’t like their style.

The six-point plan is laid out to cover clicks and bricks,
Value, price and formats are firmly in the mix,
Quality and ranges, marketing and brand
A year of store hard labour we all should understand.

So Tesco’s on a fight back to win our hearts and minds
with wishes, hopes and offers of many, many kinds
They want to put the love back and give us all a kiss
But they really want our money so targets they won’t miss.

But the biggest challenge of them all is service with a smile,
Slick and quick at checkouts with staff trained to beguile
Tesco has some great folks but miseries as well
Can they turn the frown around only time will tell.

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