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Saturday, 6 October 2012


Yesterday, I had a jokey little go at where the buck stops.  Today, more seriously, after days of reading about and hearing of the alleged exploits of Sir Jimmy Savile and the senior people, broadcasting and other colleagues who "knew" what was going on, what on earth stopped someone, anyone, from speaking up years ago, when a lot of these incidents are said to have occurred?

Was everyone struck dumb?

The people coming forward who say they were abused are one thing.  One can understand a reluctance to "go public" for all kinds of reasons.

But executives, close friends and colleagues, observers, witnesses, etc, etc? Not one seems to have raised the issues for investigation and resolution. Where was the leadership here? Where was the HR conscience? Where was the sanity? Where was the common sense?

Now Savile is dead, it starts to come out. Was he THAT powerful that he prevented any and all publicity here?

What was going on at the BBC and his other employers?

There are so many things wrong with this story.

When people in responsible jobs become irresponsible, what hope is there?

Let's hope the facts emerge and that all those involved in incidents and cover-ups, dead or alive, are judged appropriately.

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