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Saturday, 10 November 2012


People in queue

One of the good things about hanging around in queues and from (almost) a lifetime of working in and around shops, there are times when it can be both fun and enlightening to categorise customers.

I was talking to someone recently about my book Retail Confidential and remembered this:

Customers come with different personalities and motives.  It is useful to expect the unexpected, especially the different types of customer likely to walk through the door and in my experience, here is how I would classify them:
The Sprinter – the one that comes in, chooses, buys and leaves without catching a breath
The Browser – the one that seems to be killing time but just might part with their money
The Decisive Buyer – the one that knows exactly what they want, mind already made up
The Ditherer – the one that needs equal measures of attention and product knowledge
The Silent Type – the one that chooses to be uncommunicative
The Talker – the one that loves to chat and chat and, er, chat
The Distrusting Customer – the one that reckons retailers are disreputable
The Know-all – the one that cannot be told anything new
The Obnoxious Kind – the one that is always out for confrontation
The Sweetheart – the one that is an absolute joy to serve because they are no trouble

Remember, the customer is not always right but is always essential!

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