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Monday, 5 November 2012


I have just approved the cover for my book "Much Calamity & The Redundance Kid - Job Loss: Seriously, A Funny Old Game".  The back cover blurb of the book: "

This book is about personal job loss experiences, so it is naturally bitter, twisted and sarcastic (ha, ha) but also, hopefully, reasoned, practical and humorous. Above and beyond all that, it is intended to be useful to people who find themselves in employment trouble. If it sparks a positive mood, thought or action in the quest to find another job or, indeed, peace of mind, then I’ll be happy with those outcomes. If it fails, well, I’m only trying to share what I went through and what I think about it now. I hope it works for you either on a serious or light-hearted level, or both."

The cover, as you can see, has a shadowy theme. Now what that has to do with HR.............

Other books arriving very soon:

And this old codger has been out a while, but is still available on Amazon etc.

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