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Friday, 2 November 2012


Retailer Pets at Home announces healthy turnover and profit figures.........

Guinea pigs and rabbits, ,
celebrate with carrots,
to the excitable noise
of budgies and parrots,
giddy hamsters scurry,
chinchilling with mice,
puppies help with a yelp,
and the kittens look nice.

Ferrets ferret about
all thrilled at the figures,
fish swim as they do,
the zaggers and ziggers,
some reptiles are slithering,
some others lie still,
but they’re all chuffed at the news
for they all know it is brill.

Turnover and profits
encourage and please,
showing Pets at Home people
are just the bees' knees.
When retailers struggle,
and many have failed,
here’s one on its hind legs,
bright-eyed, bushy-tailed.

Some succeed in the tough times
and here is the proof,
to salute Pets at Home,
let’s waise the woof!

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