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Monday, 19 November 2012


Report card sign -

I have rediscovered two of my school reports, one from primary and the other from grammar school.

I don't really know why I'm sharing them on this blog except to make a point about the usefulness of comparing what we were versus what we have become.

Anyway, for whatever reason:

St Teresa's Primary School Report

31 December 1960
J Cushnan
Class: 3b
Number in class: 45
Position in class (exam league table): 8

Marks out of 10:
Sums: 7
Spelling: 10
Reading: 8
Writing: 7
Composition: 8

St Mary's Christian Brothers' Grammar School Report

Term: 1966
Joseph Cushnan
Class: 1b
Number in class: Blank
Position in class: Blank

Marks out of 100 - Pass mark 40:
English: 45
Latin: 41
French: 58
Irish: 64
History: 42
Geography: 34
Arithmetic: 47
Algebra: 43
Geometry: 25
Experimental Science: 24
Drawing: 42

Managed to scrape through, I suppose, and no wonder, later in life, I felt the urge to "go again" with my education, gaining a BA (Hons) degree with the Open University.

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