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Friday, 23 November 2012


Every morning, my alarm is set to Radio 4 and, almost without exception, the top news story is something bad, negative, depressing........ It's the same with rolling TV news.......

One day (pigs flying and all that) this might be the news script:

"New survey results reveal that substantial parts of the NHS are working efficiently and to the satisfaction of patients.

Research shows that thousands and thousands of BBC employees go to work every day and do a brilliant job.

It is reported by academics that significant parts of the world are peaceful with inhabitants getting on with their daily lives.

A study has exposed the fact that legal, decent, honest and truthful people far outweigh their counterparts.

Investigations have proven that not all politicians have their noses in the trough nor their heads up their arses.

A memoir has caused a sensation by revealing that the celebrity at the centre of it had a happy childhood, was not bullied and is not prone to bouts of angst brought on by fame and success.

And the weather - sometimes it will be dry, sometimes wet, sometimes calm, sometimes blowy, sometimes sunny, sometimes snowy.....and once in a while something freaky will happen.

That's the news, now back to you John."

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