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Saturday, 8 December 2012


I was born and raised in Belfast, and I started my retail management career there.  I am proud of many things about Belfast specifically, and Northern Ireland generally.  It is a city and country that has given much to the world in terms of arts, culture and industry.  It is also a city and country that has a dark, tragic and horrible history of death, violence and destruction in the name of one cause or another.

This latest flag business is just another excuse for protest.  Now, I have no objection whatsoever to peaceful protests and debates, but, as ever, the hijackers move in and all hell breaks loose.  Some cause!

The damage to the city and country's internal confidence and international image will be immense.

On what should have been a wonderful weekend of shopping in stores and markets, a weekend when the local newspapers should have been dominated by the very positive impact of Hilary Clinton's visit, the old fears and tears return.  

Belfast and Northern Ireland will bounce back from this, but why should it have to bounce at all.

Flags. For the love of God! Flags.

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