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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


For some time now businesses have struggled through a finger-in-the-wind period, estimating, assuming, guessing, hoping, praying, etc alongside the challenge to survive and thrive.

At this time of the year, various leaders, political, commercial, religious, etc, present their thoughts for the coming twelve months and, in large part, it's a time to choose words with care to outline true feelings but also to provide some positive reasons to carry on.

From the BBC News website, I was interested in the wording of the following extract from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB):

'The FSB's national chairman, John Walker, said: "Confidence is still low, with many concerned about lack of demand and wider economic issues, but our members are heading into 2013 with more confidence than they did going into either 2011 or 2012."
He said, however, that it was early days and that the recovery would not be immediate: "The signs seem to be positive, but it's going to be a long road ahead, with some economists warning of a triple-dip recession and others [expressing] cautious optimism."
The FSB also criticised the banking industry for failing to help small businesses, saying less than 10% of small businesses said they had easy access to finance.'
"The signs seem to be positive......" sounds shallow in amongst the other comments about low confidence, lack of demand, economic issues, triple-dip recession and those pesky banks.
In my opinion, the chairman's statement is gloomy but he probably felt that he had to find something to cling onto.
In my casual conversations with several small business owners, there is no difference going into 2013 than there was in past years.
As ever, in a world of less and less resources, there is never a shortage of words.  We all continue estimating, assuming, guessing, hoping, praying, etc...........

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