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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

59 AND F***ED

I spoke to a man today. He's 60 next year. He has had a long career in management, mainly retailing, but, after redundancy, he cannot get a job as an early morning cleaner - no offence to that important role.

I thought about what he was saying and, instead of being the calm, controlled professional I have tried to be throughout my working life, I felt anger - real, red-raw anger.

How can business cast aside long years of experience and expertise, a tasty CV of sales, customer service and HR success? But it does.

He told me that he is both tired and despondent that he is being forced to accept his place on the scrap heap.

He said that he is exasperated by "20-year-olds" from recruitment companies quizzing him as if he was a child.

He has been to Job Centre interviews where he is treated "like shit".

In my own life and experience, I could empathise with some of what this man was saying.  But I found it very hard to advise him on anything without his eyes rolling in his furrowed head.

He was sick of words and platitudes.  All he wanted was some acknowledgement that he was still a valued contributor to business and life.

All he wanted was a chance to work.

All business could offer, up to this point, was rejection and, therefore, hopelessness.

What a sad, sorry, disgraceful state of affairs.

59 and fucked!

Well done society.

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