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Sunday, 24 February 2013


I promise you, this is not a party political point, but George Osborne is a weasel.

The UK has just lost it's valued AAA rating and Osborne continues to blame the last guy in charge of the Exchequer for all the ills, pressures and challenges that he has to bear.

He accepts no responsibility for his own plan and actions.

We are nearly 3 years into this Coalition government and ministers are still primed to point the finger at the last guys in charge.  You can hear it within 30 seconds of the answers they give in interviews.  Good work spin team.


If a business CEO, after nearly 3 years in charge, was still bleating about the other guys, then he/she would be out on their ear.

Politicians have different rules.  It's not their fault.  Diddums.

Deny and deflect negative accusations and criticisms - that's the mission.

That and learn to develop the skill of collective amnesia when the shit hits the fan.

We are pathetic people because we allow these even more pathetic people to ride roughshod over our lives.

Unless I've been vague, let me be very clear - unlike politicians - Osborne is a weasel.  Man up, George.  Take full responsibility.  

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