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Monday, 22 April 2013

TESCO 2006

As a bit of a retail historian, I am fascinated by past promises and how they panned out.  This is an extract from The Independent from almost 7 years ago - a Tesco 10-Point Plan:

The 10-point action plan

Tesco promises to...

1 - Halve the average energy used in all Tesco buildings by 2010 compared with the year 2000.

2 - Double the amount customers recycle at stores by 2008.

3 - Make all carrier bags degradable from September and use 25 per cent fewer bags over next two years.

4 - Put nutritional labelling on all own-brand products by spring 2007.

5 - Help educate parents about healthier food for their children.

6 - Get 2 million people running, cycling or walking in sponsored events leading up to 2012 Olympics.

7 - Be a quieter neighbour by cutting the number of deliveries to Express convenience stores.

8 - More consultation with local communities before building new stores from 2007.

9 - Make it easier for small suppliers to gain access to Tesco.

10 - Sell more local products than any other retailer and introduce regional counters into stores.

Wonder how that went!

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