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Friday, 5 April 2013


Financial regulators should consider banning three top HBOS bankers from future roles in the financial sector, an influential committee has said.  The Banking Standards Commission said former bosses Sir James Crosby, Andy Hornby and Lord Stevenson were largely to blame for the bank's collapse.  It accused them of a "colossal failure" of management at the bank which had to be rescued in 2008.
In 2007, "going plural" businessman, Allan Leighton, published a book called "On Leadership".  In it, he picked the brains of top bosses of the time to get a handle on what makes a great leader.

The much-criticised Andy Hornby, late of HBOS, was a contributor.  Here are some of his gems:

"Spend time on the difficult issues" 

"Get rid of the blame culture. Never criticise people for making mistakes"

"Never insulate yourself from feedback"

"Good leaders are restless.  They are always a bit paranoid, thinking that what they are doing is not enough and worrying about what the next threat is"

"The defining feature of leadership is that you have to seriously enjoy the job.  You have to live it, breathe it and jump out of bed every morning at the thought of the day ahead"

On Leadership by Allan Leighton, 2007, Random House

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