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Monday, 15 July 2013


I note that the Tesco Chief Executive, Philip Clarke, has been banned from driving for six months for an accumulation of speeding points.  A Tesco spokesperson has said that it will not affect Clarke's ability to do his job as he has a driver.  Bully for him.  

I know of at least three retail managers (different companies) in my long career who were dismissed because of driving bans. I know of one retail manager who was encouraged to "share" his points with a family member or friend, encouragement given by the company's CEO.  The manager declined the "advice" and managed to hang in there.  

One interesting point for me is this.  Does Tesco have any examples within it's history where people have been fired because of driving bans? If not, carry on Mr Clarke.  If so, then let's talk about fair play across the board. 

For the record, my view is that a driving ban should not be used as an excuse to dismiss employees, unless the employees are specifically employed as drivers.  But I do wonder how many poor saps out there have been sacked unnecessarily on this basis.

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