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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Christmas is such an important time of the year for retailers and November is the month when television advertising campaigns kick in.  Over the years, the ads have become mini-movies relying heavily on nostalgia, family togetherness, kindness, generosity.....mixing humour and sentimentality, sometimes to good effect......adding images of snow and sounds of tinkling.  As artistic pieces of film-making, the ads, generally speaking, are very good indeed.

But....you knew there was a but coming....do these advertisements encourage people to shop in the relevant stores or do they simply have an arc of interest that goes from ooh and aah initially to for-fuck-sake-enough after half a dozen showings?

I've watched all the ads for the big players several times and I'm sick of them already.  But, the important point is that not a single one has changed my shopping loyalties or habits.  It might just be little old cynical me, of course, but I reckon that elaborate small-screen advertising, at this time of the year especially, is a colossal waste of money.

A 10-second image of a shop's logo with, I'll allow this, a sprinkling of stardust or an image of an elf or a red nose would be just as effective a reminder of a retailer's existence compared to a few minutes of sickly-sweet screen time.

The marketing and advertising people rub their hands with glee at this time of the year, salivating over the thought of a big cheque.  But, I reckon the viewing audience quickly loses interest after the initial launch of TV campaigns and just gets on with life as it was before, albeit with a firmer hand on the remote control to click away from the Yuletide yabber.

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