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Friday, 5 September 2014


Gerry Anderson.

How sad was the news of his passing at 69?  At any age!

He was a one-off.

I have listened to him in N Ireland and far beyond on Radio Ulster for years. My God, what an individual wit and a collaborative wit with his studio mate, Sean Coyle.

I have iPods of Anderson Extra to treasure.  I listened to some of them a couple of week's ago on an Algarve balcony and was crying with laughter.....and for other reasons.

I have watched him on TV and enjoyed his knowledge and intelligent commentaries on life and other things.

I was in the church at James Ellis's funeral this year when Denis Tuohy read a very funny message on his behalf.

Over the years, Gerry read out some of my humorous poetry on radio.  He made the sound funnier than the word.

 He was indeed a one-off.

So, I was more than delighted that Gail Walker and the Belfast Telegraph decided to produce a supplement to celebrate this great man's life and writing.  He wrote columns for the Belfast Telegraph at a point in time......a period I missed because I was living elsewhere.

At the time of writing this, I have not seen the supplement but my wonderful sister Mary has despatched a copy.  Drooling.

It is so easy to be uber-critical of people in the public eye, but hats off to the Belfast Telegraph, Gail Walker and her team for what sounds like a wonderful tribute to a very special Northern Irish man.

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