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Sunday, 7 September 2014


Over the past few months, the news delivered to us has been almost entirely devoted to bad things.  Now, I have no issue with the reporting of bad news because that is, sadly, part of life.  But so is good news.

Good news is the token gesture nowadays - perhaps it has always been that way - with saved kittens, cute budgies, brave underdogs added into current affairs agendas to reassure us that bogeymen are not lurking in every shadow - just most of them.  Boo!

I was reassured that life is not all crap today when I went for a Sunday morning walk with my wife in lovely weather through part of Clumber Park, a National Trust property in Nottinghamshire.

As we walked, occasionally we crossed paths with other visitors and exchanged cheery hellos and good mornings.  There was niceness in the air and not a yob in sight or within hearing.

It was an angst-free zone, no tension, no hassles, calm, collected and a joy.

People in various parts of the world can bomb the shit out of their landscapes and themselves.  They can shoot, stab, mutilate, torture and degrade their chosen enemies.  They can choose their revolutionary roads and find the words and phrases to justify even the most heinous of actions.  They hog the headlines and don't we bloody know it.

But, good still happens.  Nice still has a place.  Sense still exists.

In our own individual orbits, we can find the good, the nice and the sense.

On the ever increasing TV/radio/print news/opinion coverage presented to us, you'd think the world is
beyond salvation and that we are at each other's throats every second of every minute of every day.

Something as simple as a walk in a park can add a degree of balance to the mix.  Some parts of the world are witnessing appalling tragedies.  But that's not the whole world.

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