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Friday, 24 October 2014


I find it interesting to browse around company websites to find the words used in mission statements, company values and principles, not to pick holes or do comparisons between theory and practice, but to try to understand where they see themselves and what their ambitions are.

Today, it's Lidl, one of the so-called discounters giving the giants a dose of the wobbles.  From the Lidl website, here are two sections (you can find much more about their policies on management culture, code of conduct re employees, etc on their website):


As an international business we are fully aware of our size and presence in the public eye.
We respect cultural variety and recognise differences in values and traditions.
Our work is a reflection of our Company Principles and Code of Conduct.
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.
  • Outstanding value for money defines our market position.
  • We grow through expansion and continuous improvement in our stores.
  • As a retail multiple, we follow a systematic approach.
  • Efficient decision making and simple working practices ensure our success.
  • We comply with applicable law and internal guidelines.
  • In conducting our daily business, we assume economic, social and environmental responsibility.
  • It is our duty to be fair to everyone in our Company.
  • We respect and support each other.
  • We honour our agreements and believe in trust.
  • Praise, recognition and constructive criticism shall determine our working atmosphere.
  • We surround ourselves with ‘strong’ employees – with support through deputies assured in all areas.

CODE OF CONDUCT When Dealing With Our Customers

  • Our customers are the most important people to our Company. Their wishes are paramount and shape the way we operate.
  • We strive to offer our customers full availability across our entire product range at all times.
  • We serve our customers in a friendly, respectful and honest manner.
  • We satisfy our customers’ queries, requests and issues in a timely manner.
  • We always ensure for our customers’ quality and freshness at the best price.
  • We offer our customers clean and tidy stores at all times.
  • We provide our customers with a convenient and pleasant shopping experience.

An observation - there's an awful lot of words defining and explaining the principles and codes, as if every i needs a dot and every t a cross. Only Lidl employees and Lidl customers can judge whether the words compare favourably with day-to-day reality.

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