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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Allan Leighton's book On Leadership was published in 2007.  It is very good.

With some supermarket companies having a wobble, it's interesting to look back at what some former CEOs said about leadership etc.

On Leadership

Sir Ken Morrison:

Stick ruthlessly to the business model.
Protect your company's heritage.

Justin King:

Have absolute focus on the company.
(Expensive artwork that once adorned Sainsbury's office walls has been replaced with adverts and photos of our colleagues in store. Columns used to display sculptures have been cleared to make room to display awards.)

Encourage one-to-one communication.
(Sainsbury's internal emails are banned on Wednesdays and all internal meetings axed on Fridays.)

All staff, even the CEO, should wear a name badge.
(If you know what someone is called there's a greater chance you might talk to them.)

Sir Terry Leahy:

Talk to staff, talk to customers and, above all, listen.
Brands don't tire provided they stay relevant, but you've got to pay attention.
Execution is more important than having a good idea.
Everyone is treated with respect - at Tesco there is no fast track.

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