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Friday, 7 November 2014


I was in a car hire place yesterday asking for information about renting a vehicle for a weekend trip.  The guy behind the counter was very helpful and polite.  He took my details and had a look on screen, then gave me a quotation with all the usual add-on stuff about a returnable deposit, driving license declaration, fuel arrangements, insurance and all the gubbins.

Then, in this age of think-customer, keep-it-simple, he said: "You must understand that the price I quote you today might not be the same tomorrow."

"Oh, why is that?" says I.

"Supply and demand," he responded.

"Oh," I ventured not understanding for a second why he couldn't quote me a binding price for a journey that would happen the following weekend.

So, I left the premises with a vague idea of the cost of hiring a car rather than a precise price to pay should I opt to use this company.

As a business, they must have a reason for such a complication.  Supply and demand doesn't explain anything.  As a customer, I think there are still businesses around that go out of their way to squeeze a little more from customers for any flimsy reason they can think of because, at times, the customer is only a human cash machine and, by and large, a sap.

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