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Sunday, 2 November 2014


Johnny Cash sang a song about his thing about trains.  I've got a thing about trains.  First of all, there is not enough room to store luggage.  It's a square peg in a round hole or round peg in a square hole.  At certain times, when trains are packed with people and their baggage, there is simply not enough room.  And what do the customer service, customer friendly train people do to assist? Nothing.  Nothing at all. The poor old ticket-buying punter is left to figure it out.  How can I find a space big enough to squeeze in my modestly-sized bag? You can't, sap. We've got your money, so get over it.

Until you are settled in your seat (lucky you), train travel is as miserable as airport travel.  In fact, travel, once the most romantic, wondrous thing to do on Earth, to learn, to relax, to enjoy, is now the chore of chores.

The customer is always right. Bollocks.  At last, we know the crap that is inherent in that mantra.

The customer is always a suspect.  Nothing these days could be more obvious.

I'll bet there are posters on walls and training workshops aplenty in train and other travel company buildings telling employees that the customer is king and queen.

Pass the bucket. I need a reality vomit.

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