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Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Christmas is coming and shops will be manic.  There's always lots of criticism about poor service (guilty!) but not always much about silly, sometimes abusive customers.

I have material from my retail management career experience on how daft customers can be and also how some of them think they are comedians.

All of my stories are true, if a little enhanced for entertainment value:

The Princess (Diana) and the milkshake carton
The Avocado Bravado Desperado Affair
The Attack Of The Bleach Bottle
How Curry Can Be A Worry
How The John West Was Won
The High Scallion Job
The Lag With The Bags Was A Drag
From a Baguette To A Set Of Garden Furniture

All the above are about 300 words.

In addition, I have CSI - Customer Scene Investigation - Retail's Most Wanted:

10 customer types

Any media outlet interested in these articles in total or in part, or if you want a more general article on Christmas shops, shoppers and shopping, contact me at joecushnan@aol.com.

In addition, I write fun stuff too!

Only Yules & Verses


A collection of funny poems and silly jokes about Christmas with lots of ho-ho-ho and reminders that fun is not just for the festive season. Poems to be read (and sometimes sung) out loud - example: "On the twelfth day of Christmas, a joker sent to me, twelve wasps a-stinging, eleven crickets clicking, ten beetles beetling, nine caterpillars, eight dragonflies, seven hornets humming, six bees a-buzzing, five ladybirds, four willy-worms, three creepy-crawlies, two wriggly spiders, and a matchbox with a hyperactive flea." Suitable for kids of all ages.
ISBN: 9781784070823
Total Pages: 91
Published: 20 October 2013
Price: £4.99

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