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Monday, 8 December 2014


I posted this in December 2010 during a cold spell. Four years on, we're a world with a growing population of moaners, groaners, gripers and complainers. But thank God for the cool, calm, collected few who take responsibility for themselves, don't look for everything on a plate and get on with life....

I've been listening, as we all have, to the moans, groans, gripes and complaints about who is responsible for the weather, the snow clearance, transport, food supplies and so on, in this severe cold spell.  The notion that occasional crises or chaotic situations can be positive is worth a bit of reflection.  In life, love and business it is too easy to become complacent.  We expect things just to happen, people to be there, shops to be full, service to be excellent, etc but in the usual run of things, life is not perfect and there are glitches, mishaps and frustrations along the way.  The November/December winter weather in the UK has thrown a lot of things up in the air (except planes that have been grounded, of course).  We have been thrown out of our comfort zones by two and three feet of snow.  We have been tested but, mostly, we have found ways to survive, to talk to neighbours (maybe for the first time), to help people clear their paths, to walk to the shops rather than drive, to think more widely, to adapt and to survive.  Anyone in business knows that each problem brings forward ideas to make sure we learn as we go and implement improvements.  We get to know what's important.  We're a great nation for the blame game and moaning, but maybe, just maybe, nature has thrown an opportunity our way, thrown down the gauntlet disguised as snow, to force us to consider how we live our lives.  John Wayne, my best mentor, might say that as the freeze continues, the best kind of grit for the human race is true grit.

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