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Friday, 9 January 2015


After the busy Christmas period, many businesses use January to take a breath and map out how to steady their balance sheets by, amongst other things, cutting costs, especially wage and salary costs.

In some company cases, managers and other highly paid employees will already have been earmarked for the boot.

I wrote a book based on my own experiences of job losses during my 40-year career.

The details are below. It might help, if you or someone you know is given or is about to be given the heave-ho.


"This book is about personal job loss experiences, so it is naturally bitter, twisted and sarcastic (ha, ha) but also, hopefully, reasoned, practical and humorous. Above and beyond all that, it is intended to be useful to people who find themselves in employment trouble. If it sparks a positive mood, thought or action in the quest to find another job or, indeed, peace of mind, then I’ll be happy with those outcomes. If it fails, well, I’m only trying to share what I went through and what I think about it now. I hope it works for you either on a serious or light-hearted level, or both.

I am critical of some of the people and practices I have encountered in business. Some people may be critical of me and the offbeat nature of this book. So be it.  May the good people and practices always outweigh the bad."

I think it should be of interest even to the sniffiest of HR professionals and other managers/leaders of people to highlight how easily sensitive issues can be mishandled.

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