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Thursday, 5 February 2015



I posted this in July last year. Since then, Una Crudden has passed away, God rest her soul. But her memory and cause lives on. 

Since I posted this, I have sold 46 books. That's £46 - a £1 per book - to Northern Ireland Hospice. Come July 2015, after a year of this effort, I will donate no less than £100. But if anyone out there wants to download a book, I would love to donate more.

In my own orbit, amongst family and friends, I think I'm reasonably generous.  Further afield, I am not a natural giver.  I support charities and causes occasionally, but their coffers would hardly feel the pennies drop.

I am not into making money for charities and causes by running, walking, having my head shaved, my legs waxed, sitting in a bath of baked beans or any of that other stuff.  Kudos to those that strive and strain to help others in these ways.

But I was moved in recent times by the story of Una Crudden.....and I hope I can help.

Here's the link to a background piece from the Belfast Telegraph, 11 July 2014, written by Victoria O'Hara:

So, here's what I am going to do. 

A while ago I wrote a book about Belfast-born film star Stephen Boyd.  It was an enjoyable thing to do and it made me some new friends.  Amongst others, it gave me a chance to meet James Ellis, who kindly wrote the foreword.

The book is available on Kindle download via Amazon - http://tinyurl.com/lp62zw2 - and, after tax, I earn £1 per copy.

For the next 12 months - 11 July 2014 to 11 July 2015 - I will donate ALL the post-tax profits from this download (£1 per book) to Una's chosen charity, Northern Ireland Hospice.

Stephen Boyd: From Belfast To Hollywood
To "look inside" follow the Amazon link above

So over to you, kindly people. Help Northern Ireland Hospice and support Una Crudden. She is no longer here, but she is still with us.

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