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Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Here we are, a few months away from the General Election and politicians are falling over themselves to declare long lists of promises and pledges, jumping on each and every bandwagon that passes their way. Anything for a vote.

The ones in power start being generous with £millions and £billions on projects to seduce the electorate into thinking that these are nice, generous, decent, honest, honourable and truthful people, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for questioning and lampooning their integrity and intentions.

But, and let's not kid ourselves, we all know how this plays out.

Once in power, manifestos are shredded, promises and pledges are consigned to the dustbin and politicians cast away their sensible shoes and opt for flip-flops.

The excuses flow. "Oh, things are worse than we thought. We would love to do all that stuff we spoke about but it's not that easy what with the plastic bag crisis and the price of fish. Sorry folks but we have to do what we have to do. Thanks for your vote, by the way. (Snigger.)"

Perhaps, election manifestos should be legally binding. If you vote for something, then that something should be delivered. Otherwise, politicians will play us for saps and ignore us once the ballot boxes have been stacked away until the next time.

Any leader who breaks a manifesto commitment should be locked up for five years. Five years in power or five years in the nick for being a liar, a thieving, vote-stealing toe rag, a conman/woman, etc, etc.

Come on politicians, do what you say you'll do.

Must stop now. A pig just few by. Porky.

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